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Purple Semantic MediaWiki - PSMW     (1)

PSMW is an implementation of the MediaWiki that supports semantics and PurpleNumbers, by incorporating the SMW (semantic mediawiki) extension, various other extensions that provide semantic technology features, as well as the PMWX (purple mediawiki extension).     (2)


History     (3)

  • The PSMW team originally started as the NEU-CIM3 team     (3A)
  • when the Northeastern University College of Computer and Information Science and CIM3 teamed up (kicked-off on 16-Aug-2007) to collaborate on the Purple MediaWiki /PMWX and related projects.     (3B)
  • The project/team is renamed to "PSMW" as of 13-Jul-2011, as other significant members (individuals that did not originate from NEU or CIM3) joined the team started participation and contribution to this work.     (3D)

The PSMW Team     (4)

Active Members:     (4A)

Occasional Participants:     (4B)

Alumni (who has made significant contribution):     (4C)

Projects and Activities     (5)

Infrastructure     (5A)

PMWX Development     (5B)

OOR Development     (5C)

Content Import Tool     (5D)

There is a specific application that we are working on to provide the requirements and to exercise the tool developed here. It involves the migration of the Ontolog wiki content from its current "purple wiki" platform to PSMW ("purple semantic mediawiki"); and in that process, enhance and semantify that content as well.     (5D2)

Tiki Project     (5E)

Applications     (5F)

Publications     (5G)

Discussion Forums     (5H)

Meetings and Conference Calls     (6)

Resources     (7)

Ideas for Improvement     (8)

(please add your suggestions, enhancements, candidate additional requirement specifications, etc. below)     (8A)

Wish List     (9)

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