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Purple MediaWIki Project Mission     (1)

Deliverables     (2)

Publications and Presentations     (2C)

Project Work-in-Progress     (2D)

Discussion Forum     (2E)

Releases     (3)

The Team     (4)

Active Members:     (4A)

Alumni (who has made significant contribution):     (4B)

Conference Call Dial-in Information     (5)

Meetings and Conference Calls     (6)

Resources     (7)

Ideas for Improvement     (8)

(please add your suggestions, enhancements, candidate additional requirement specifications, etc. below)     (8A)

Wish List     (9)

  • Ability to render / display pages according to external / custom CSS     (9A)
  • Ability to link to (perhaps outside of the PMWX framework) to more expressive ontologies     (9B)
  • Ability to represent processes in the environment <-- create web experiences around process models     (9C)
  • Ability to semantically link content types to CSS elements, allowing the dynamic construction of pages based on CSS primitives.     (9D)

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