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Purple Media Wiki Extension - PMWX     (1)

Last Update : 20-March-2012     (1A)

Current Version     (1B)

The latest release is version: v1.6.02-r212     (1B1)

From the end user perspective, purple number rendering is the same for PMWX version 0.9 and 1.6.02. Latest PMWX release consists of bug fixes and enhancements that provides the wiki administrator with greater flexibility in configuring PMWX extension.     (1B2)

See Release History below for details.     (1B3)

Introduction     (1C)

The Web has made it possible for large, distributed collaborations to develop sophisticated document bases. As these collaborations increase in size, there is a need to support reference, navigation and search through the document bases by individuals who are not computer professionals. Although collaborative tools such as wikis have been developed that address some of the requirements of these communities, the tools lack support for simple and convenient fine-grained addressability to parts of the documents. Such addressability is essential for formal documents, such as standards and legal documents. The Purple MediaWiki (PMWX) Extension provides a solution to the problem of fine-grained addressability that is based on MediaWiki, a popular and powerful collaboration tool that is the software infrastructure for wikipedia and many other wiki implementations. PMWX is compatible with the Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) Extension, and when employed together, provides the platform for Purple Semantic MediaWiki.     (1C1)

Features     (1D)

Features supported in the current release include:     (1D1)

License     (1E)

The Purple Media Wiki Extension (PMWX) code is license under GNU General Public License version 2.     (1E1)

Purple Media Wiki Extension (PMWX) 
Copyright (C) 2007~2011 Tejas Parikh, Viral Gupta, Sumit Purohit CIM Engineering, Inc. (dba. "CIM3" -
Contributing Authors:
  Tejas Parikh  ( 					
  Viral Gupta   ( 			
  Jonathan Cheyer (  					
  Peter Yim(
  Kenneth Baclawski(
  Sumit Purohit(
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under 
the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as published by the Free Software 
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; 
without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR 
PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; 
if not, write to the
  Free Software Foundation, Inc., 						
  51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, 						
  Boston, MA  02110-1301, USA		
  or see

System Requirements     (1F)

Download     (1G)

Install     (1H)

require_once ("extensions/pmwx/PurpleMediaWiki.php");
  • To test PMWX point your browser at home page of your wiki. It should show the main project page with purple numbers enabled.     (1H4)

Uninstall     (1I)

require_once ("extensions/pmwx/PurpleMediaWiki.php");

Known Issues     (1J)

Installation    (1J1)

  • PHP Version 5.0 on 64-bit systems does seem to have problems.     (1J1A)

Transclusion    (1J2)

  • Avoid using any symbols in header as it may not be transcluded properly     (1J2A)

Summary of selected changes in 1.6.02     (1K)

Bug(s) Fixed    (1K1)

HID generation was failing for wiki pages with TOC     (1K1A)

Summary of selected changes in 1.6.01     (1L)

Improvements    (1L1)

  • Improvements were made to PMWX configuration     (1L1A)
    • Administrator can configure whether the wiki will pad each page with blank lines. Earlier wiki pages were always padded with blank lines.     (1L1A1)
    • Administrator can configure numbers of blank lines each wiki page is padded with if this feature is enabled. This ensures that when a node is navigated using its purple number URI, it appears at top of the browser. Earlier wiki pages were always padded with fixed number of lines.     (1L1A2)
    • Administrator can configure wiki to separate End of wiki text and extra padded blank lines.     (1L1A3)
    • Administrator can configure wiki to specify default behavior of purple numbers. By defaults purple numbers are visible but they can be set hidden. In that case they can be viewed using mouse hover or by clicking “show purple numbers”. Earlier purple numbers were always visible by defaults.     (1L1A4)
    • Administrator can configure wiki to support more HTML nodes. Previously, support for new nodes was only possible via adding new corresponding classes that requires programming expertise.     (1L1A5)
    • Administrator can configure wiki to add Page Version Number with HID. It enable user to access specific node in any of specific version of page     (1L1A6)
  • Viewspec implementation has been changed from show / hide to show and mouse over. Mouse over shows purple number of a node when the mouse hovers over a node.     (1L1B)
  • Namespace support has been added. HID's are added to pages in NS_MAIN namespace by default and only when the action is view. Users can add HID to other namespaces like NS_TALK or NS_IMAGE.     (1L1C)
  • Font and numbering improvements     (1L1D)
    • HID font size was changed to x-small. Earlier it was small-bold size. x-small size is less intrusive.     (1L1D1)
    • HID numbering scheme was fixed     (1L1D2)
    • dt element is now assigned a HID. It gives HID numbers to Definition list .     (1L1D3)
  • Table cell numbering     (1L1E)
    • HIDs are shown on the entire table. Earlier all cells were assigned HID numbers. It was distorting table view. New scheme is less intrusive.     (1L1E1)
    • The administrator can configure the wiki to assign HIDs to table cells. By default, the cells are not numbered.     (1L1E2)
  • Major code clean-up and refactoring.     (1L1F)

Bugs Fixed    (1L2)

  • HIDs were not uniquely assigned for nested list elements.     (1L2A)
  • HIDs were not assigned to Image nodes.     (1L2B)
  • HIDs assigned to each cell of Table were causing distortion of view of rendered table.     (1L2C)
  • Fixed compatibility issue with MW 1.18     (1L2D)

Migration     (1M)

A migration tool moving content over from purplewiki is being developed.     (1M1)

Release History     (1N)

Participation     (1O)

PMWX Team     (1P)

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